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GDPR at Okdesk
Effective compliance addresses data privacy and security requirements no matter where your business is located, or what industry you belong to. Our cloud ecosystem is capable of providing a robust and scalable structure for safe processing of your, and your customer's data. All our products are GDPR compliant and come with in-built features that help you meet your compliance needs. GDPR-ready features are made available to all our customers worldwide. This means GDPR recommended principles for privacy and security of personal data have been extended to customers even outside the EU.

Some aspects of the GDPR at Okdesk
Individual Rights, Subject Access, and Communication Okdesk GDPR thoroughly evaluates how Okdesk, both as a data controller and processor is placed with its existing procedures for readiness to,
  • provide rights of individuals under GDPR and,
  • assist customers in responding to data access requests from individuals.

Lawful processing
Okdesk GDPR emphasizes transparency of data processed by establishing processes that help easily respond to requests from customers wanting to know what data Okdesk has about them. Information of what data is collected, stored and processed can be obtained from our Cookie Policy.

Our leaders commit to support and provide guidelines for data protection compliance through a framework of standard policies and procedures. Okdesk defines metrics for monitoring and governing health of the cookie policy which is independently run under the direct control of the Management Steering Committee.

Customer's Personal Data with Okdesk
Okdesk delivers on our customer’s privacy objective by maintaining processing records of customer’s data. Periodic and need based Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA) across data flow and process maps aids in keeping our program aligned with ever changing business and technology landscapes.

Privacy by Design and Default
Programs, projects, and processes at Okdesk are aligned to privacy principles right from inception of an idea or project, thereby supporting Privacy by Design and Default principles.

Opt out of analytics
As part of Okdesk commitment to uphold privacy, Okdesk products provide options to opt out of analytics. Customers can ask to terminate sharing of data for the purpose of analytics. Reach out to your Account Executive for more on enabling the same for your support account.

Data Hosting
Okdesk ensures data is hosted within centers qualified by global IT standards and regulations. Providing multiple locations to host data (upon purchase of appropriate plans) to suit needs of its customers, Okdesk data centers are located in Europe.

List of sub-processors
Okdesk GDPR program ensures any 3rd party vendor/sub-processors is also accountable for protection of an individual’s personal data. These obligations are established by way of contracts that also include providing sufficient guarantee to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures as specified in the Regulation.

Okdesk Commitment to GDPR
GDPR enforces cross-border data protection mechanisms for businesses with operations in multiple EU member states. Further, GDPR governs data protection issues for all global businesses processing personal data.
Okdesk is committed to providing secure products and services by implementing and adhering to prescribed compliance policies, both as a data controller and processor. The enforcement of GDPR is critical to our mission of providing the EU and all our global customers with a safe and dependable business software suite. In support of this commitment, Okdesk extends the same level of privacy and security to all its customers worldwide, irrespective of location.
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