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Expert and market opinions12 Jul 2021

We do a lot about the need to automate the service business & field service nowadays. Here are some numbers to back up our claim. We have obtained these numbers for the IT outsourcing market, but they are somewhat relevant as milestones for service companies in other segments as well.

The effects of helpdesk implementation

Expert and market opinions26 Apr 2021

Many industries are using Okdesk for automation of their after-sale, field service and maintenance services. We've asked the representatives of several fleet management integrators (around 10, to be more precise) that implement and service GPS monitoring systems and various telematic equipment to tell us why they needed a help desk in the first place and what they achieved with it. As a result, we collected an exclusive insight from the industry's point of view.

Help Desk benefits for fleet management integrators

Expert and market opinions14 Dec 2020

A couple of weeks ago, we participated in the «Automation of Telematics Business expert meet-up», held by Gurtam for hundreds of service providers & fleet management integrators around the world. In the face of the pandemic and economic downturn, professionals from all over the world discussed how to address the main issues in the implementation of helpdesk software for service automation, and how to smooth out the negative attitude towards the implementation of solutions and increase the likelihood of successful implementation of business process automation systems including customer support & field service processes.
Apart from Kirill Fedulov, cofounder of Okdesk (leading helpdesk system for service automation & field service), the experts were Milan Suletic, CEO of Codes, consultant and expert in software development, and Fabrice Fotso, CEO of Camtrack, the largest integrator from Cameroon, operating throughout Francophone Africa.
We have collected in this article the key and most important points of the speech.

Automation Pitfalls

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