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Useful07 Jun 2021

A field service company has to control the workload and work trips of its field technicians. The objective is simple: to make the fewest trips possible, and to maximize the efficiency of every employee, so there are no idling or overworked field technicians at any given moment. At the same time, the customer's simple infrastructure must be shrunk as much as SLA would allow it if it's applicable.

Field technicians and Field service.Controlling, scheduling and distributing the workload

Useful12 May 2021

There is always a shortage of service support workers to receive every incoming call. It's no wonder that the customer service directors apply their best efforts to reduce the volume of incoming calls while maintaining the quality of their service. There are plenty of solutions to address this issue. Let's review the most common ones.

Customer Service automation

Useful15 Feb 2021

In terms of service quality and process maturity, outsourcing & service industry is still in its infancy. But the situation that arose in early 2020 led to the need to actively deploy processes and adapt the business to the new normal. Working more efficiently, especially in times of crisis, gives you a chance to turn the recession into a growth driver for your business and take advantage of the opportunity to gain the market share freed up by the failure of other companies. Of course, this is possible only if we pass through the "turbulence zone" with minimal losses. 

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