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Okdesk in practice26 Nov 2020

We're trying to compile feedback from our customers – service providers, fleet management integrators, field service companies – on how they use Okdesk to address their issues. IT-Service is one of our most active partners; they adopted our helpdesk system and use it in various aspects of their work. Alex Karymov, Director of the group of companies (GC), told us how it works in practical terms.

Helpdesk system implementation results

Okdesk in practice13 Oct 2020

The MONTRANS Group of Companies (GC) has tried many service management tools but has finally opted for Okdesk. In comparison with competitors, the latter allowed for relatively inexpensive automation of complex business processes, reduced redundancy of information, and completely eliminated hard copy paperwork.

Help Desk Okdesk. Real stories & practice

Okdesk in practice11 Aug 2020

As the number of vending machines serviced increased, Megas Vending moved the technical service from WhatsApp chat rooms to Okdesk. Thanks to the help desk system, Megas Vending's specialists can promptly address business issues critical for the company, which reduces the total downtime of broken machines. The company is planning to make the Okdesk solution an important link in the telemetry data collection in the future.

Helpdesk system to replace WhatsApp for field service automation

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